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Acupressure for Birth Professionals

Acupressure can have a significant and positive impact on a persons pregnancy, labor and postpartum healing. Chinese medical theory, diagnosis and application of safe and effective acupressure strategies will enhance your practice while improving birth outcomes and overall patient/client satisfaction.  

This is a course designed for birth professionals and recommended for midwives, OBs, nurses, doulas, massage therapists and other care providers.

Cost: Early Bird special until 9/07/2017: $125, General Registration: $150

Contact Sheri Lee to register: sherilynnlee@gmail.com,  414-751-0888

Course Outline: 


  • Introductions, overview of the day and questions 

  • Traditional Chinese medicine and basics of its role in obstetrics 

  • Research and evidence for the use of acupressure 

  • Acupressure basics and practicum for pregnancy and postpartum conditions 

  • Pregnancy acupressure and diet therapy for common complaints. 

  • Postpartum acupressure and recovery including red flags and emergency points.  


  • Questions, review of morning 

  • The roles of yin, yang, qi and blood: applying individualized care during labor and delivery. 

  • Acupressure for malpositioned babies prior to labor. Rules for moxibustion. 

  • Labor preparation treatments and the truth about acupuncture labor induction 

  • Labor encouragement acupressure and practicum for post dates, prior to medical induction or pre-ruptured membranes.  

  • Acupressure and practicum during labor and delivery. 


Course Outcomes: 

  • Utilize acupressure effectively in labor and delivery 

  • Learn the research and evidence to support obstetric acupressure 

  • Understand the basic concepts of Chinese medical theory as applied to birth 

  • Be able to provide basic traditional Chinese medicine diet therapy to your patients/clients for common complaints in pregnancy, during labor and to assist in postpartum healing.   

  • Provide acupressure and teach your patient/clients self-care acupressure for common complaints in pregnancy. 

  • Provide acupressure for labor encouragement, labor and delivery and postpartum healing.  


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to Jun 25

Birth Basics: Acupressure, Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Diagnosis in Birth

  • Sun Acupuncture Clinic (map)
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In this class, students learn to recognize the familiar faces of yin and yang throughout the course of labor and delivery.

Using a clinical problem-solving approach, students learn to apply the Chinese medicine skills they already have, to provide effective support during labor. Specific needling and tui na hand techniques are introduced as well as labor preparation treatments, and moxa for breech. The skills taught in this course do not substitute for midwifery training, and the course addresses but does not remove the malpractice insurance and credentialing matters that need to be addressed to needle professionally in a hospital.

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